Feedstuff analyses horse

Complete analyses

Here you will find our basic analysis packages for various feedstuffs for horses. We refer to these packages as "complete analyses", since the most important raw nutrients and analysis parameters are included, depending on the type of the feedstuff.


  • DM, CA, CP, CF, EE, Sugar, praecaecal digestible crude Protein, metabolizable energy


  • DM, CA, CP, CF, EE, Sugar, Starch, praecaecal digestible crude protein, metabolizable energy

Compound feed

  • DM, CA, CP, CF, EE, Sugar, Starch, praecaecal digestible crude protein, metabolizable energy

Special - and single analyses

Water-soluble carbohydrates

  • fructans

Hydrochloric acid insoluble crude ash

  • sand content (pollution)

Botanical examination

  • Poisonus plants (Jacobaea vulgaris, Colchicum autumnale, Berteroa incana, etc.)/stock composition

Mineral nutrients

Mineral nutrients P11

  • Ca, P, Na, Mg, K, Cl, S, Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe

Single analyses

  • selenium
  • iodine

Vitamins and amino acids

Amino acids - analysis package

  • lysine, methionine, cysteine, threonine, valine, histidine

Vitamins - single analyses

  • vitamin A, D3, E, C
  • beta-carotin

Microbiological and toxicological analyses

Yeasts- and moulds incl. yeasts differentiation

  • product-typical and spoilage-indicating microorganisms


Mycotoxins [LC-MS]

  • DON + ZEA + T2/HT2 + Ochratoxin + Aflatoxin

New price list

Please note that a new pricelist for our analyses will apply at LKS mbH from  April 2024.  We will be happy to provide you with these upon request.


Our feedstuff analyses for horses

Keeping your horse healthy, it is important feeding them according to requirements. Therefore, regular analyses of your animal's basic and supplementary feedstuffs for nutrients and microbiological quality (contamination) is essential. Therefore, direct your attention to our analysis-packages, which are specifically tailored to your needs. The examination and evaluation is carried out according to the modern scientific findings, e.g. the praecaecal digestible crude protein and the convertible energy.

You will find a large part of our analyses in the above headings and boxes. If you still cannot find the analysis you are looking for, please call us - we will be happy to advise you.

In addition, you can take advantage of our feeding advice for horses.

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