LKVSample shipment

Sample packaging

You don't have any packaging material from the LKS mbH?

In principle, the packaging of your sample material does not have to conform to any particular shape. From freezer bags, plastic bottles, -jars, shopping bags to rectal gloves, you can use everything to package your sample material. 

Following notes you should recognize by packaging your sample material: 

  • no glass jars
  • pack liquid samples such as liquid manure or liquid compound feed for swine as well as water in solid, dimensionally stable jars
  • secure closure - check tightness of the packaging
  • as little air conclusion as possible in the sample (vacuuming is sometimes useful)

You have safely packed your sample material. What now?

After you have securely packed your sample material, please remember to mark the sample with a waterproof pen so that the sample can be clearly assigned to the order form even if there are more than one sample. Gluing or stapling the order form to the sample should be avoided, because this makes the work of our colleagues in the sample reception considerably more difficult with regard to scanning the order form. Please simply place the order forms loosely in the package, if necessary use a transparent sleeve to avoid soaking with condensation water.

The sample can be shipped in every box. If necessary, please use filling material, such as newspaper, to prevent the sample from slipping in the box and to prevent the sample packaging and the box from tearing.

In summertime you can put aditionally cooling batteries in to the sample in the shipping box.  

The complete package please send stamped to us at follwing adress: 


LKS-Landwirtschaftliche Kommunikations- und Servicegesellschaft mbH

August-Bebel-Str. 6

09577 Niederwiesa